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Customer Reviews 3.6. Dog Movies at the Box Office - Box Office Mojo Top Grossing Dog Movies at the Box Office. A hard-hitting cop gets a canine companion who helps him bust up an international terrorist group. 1995/color/93 min/PG-13/(CC). Top 10 Dog Movies of All Time | PetStyle Every dog lover has a favorite dog movie. Not only you can train them easily but also they become the best companion if you are living alone. Even in family. Writers and directors know that having a cute, intelligent dog as a main character will make their movie shine and their. Top Dog: Chuck Norris, Michele Lamar Richards, Erik. It was Norris' last movie to release theatrically, before he shifted to. Chuck Norris. Daily Box Office (Wed.) | Weekend Box Office (Mar. Top 15 Dog Movies from Walt Disney Pictures View the top 15 rated movies about dog from Walt Disney Company. Download Top Dog movie at Top Dog Movies - Great Live Action Films About Dogs Some of the most popular films ever made have starred dogs, so here are some shining examples of live action movies featuring dogs, including Old Yeller, Lassie. Updated daily of these canine classics

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