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When a famed treasure hunter discovers a German U-Boat filled. Movie Projects › The Alchemist Agenda › Scripts › Marty's Original Draft. When nautical treasure hunters discover a sunken U-boat off the coast of. The Hive - Los Angeles Film Editors & Post Production Since The Alchemist Agenda script calls for nearly 70 roles with five spoken languages and nearly a. Production Starts on Alchemist Agenda | Digital Cinema Report. The Alchemist Agenda, Marty's Original Draft (Script 1) : Amazon. “The Alchemist Agenda” wins Amazon Studios best test movie!! . The Road to Alchemy - The Hive We are now far along in the making of this Alchemist Agenda movie, midway blogging about our process, and getting more and more excited about the work. The Alchemist Agenda, Marty's Original Draft (Script 1) 11/17/2010. Alchemist Agenda (Amazon Studios): Paul Benton. The Alchemist Agenda is an action-adventure story about a. Development Slate. The Alchemist Agenda, Marty's Project : Movies : Amazon Studios When a famed treasure hunter discovers a sunken U-Boat filled with Nazi gold, he teams with a beautiful ex-agent to uncover the secrets of alchemy. Video currently unavailable. Trailer for Amazon Studios "The Alchemist Agenda" test movie - YouTube When a nautical treasure hunter discovers a WWII U-boat off the coast of New York, he sets out on an international pursuit to discover the formula to. The Alchemist Agenda - IMDb Directed by Marty Weiss. With Claudia Black, Patricia Guggenheim, Samantha Roy, Jeff Grimm

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