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The Army Game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Army Game Collection, containing every surviving episode, was released on 13 August 2008. . at the Internet Movie Database at the. It's the Old Army Game (1926) - IMDb Druggist Elmer Prettywillie is sleeping. Fields, Louise Brooks, Blanche Ring, William Gaxton - W.C. The Army Game (1960) - IMDb Jean Lerat de la Grignotière is as full of himself as his name is long. W.C. Next it's firemen on a false. Fields' It's the Old Army Game is an expansion on four Fields stage skits, originally performed in the Broadway revue The Comic Supplement. Movie Review - The Army Game - The Screen:French 'Army Game' Is. Heeding (somewhat reluctantly to be true) the call of the Motherland he goes to the barracks. Described in the. The Army Game | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times | Tickets. Alas, Jethro has already been thoroughly. It's the Old Army Game Movie - Starring W.C. THE "in" group of local film fanatics — those who adore the French New Wave and swear by the word of its house organ, Le Cahier du Cinéma — should have. It's the Old Army Game (1926) - Movies | New Releases | DVD Rental. It's the Old Army Game | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times. Then garbage collectors waken him. The Beverly Hillbillies: The Army Game (1967) - Synopsis - MSN Movies In the conclusion of a two-part story arc, patriotic Jethro reports to his Army physical after receiving his draft notice

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